NFL Issues Warning After Athletes Test Positive For Steroids After eating and enjoying Popular Meat –

May 11, 2019

The NFL is?warning?its own players that beef is really so highly-contaminated with steroids that consuming the meat could result in these to fail mandatory drug tests. Beef and various meats created countries including Mexico and China may contain a substance called “clenbuterol“—which might lead to athletes testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Clenbuterol is undoubtedly an unapproved ingredient by the FDA as well as utilization of the substance on animals that…


Jeff Sessions Just Declared War on Medical Marijuana While Cozying Nearly Big Pharma –

Apr 27, 2019

In a shocking about face the progress produced by the medical freedom movement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided to undo the correct of individual states to put marijuana laws and instead will be subject to the dictates of your govt. But more painful, Sessions proved both his hypocrisy and corruption when his DEA granted notorious pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics a virtual monopoly to create profits off of synthetic THC….


Oregon Just Sued Monsanto For $100 Million As a consequence of Toxic & Unsafe Products –

Apr 22, 2019

Monsanto has sued through the state of Oregon in the unprecedented case that may help bring justice towards company’s innumerable victims. The lawsuit was filed a week ago which is wanting to acquire a “minimum” of $100 million in damages—your money moves towards medical costs and clean-ups once the damaging effects the state run claims it endured. Oregon state claims that Monsanto “knew” several of its products were toxic and…


Documents Reveal Pentagon's War On Residing conditions: Over 40,000 US Sites Contaminated –

Apr 17, 2019

The Pentagon: it’s a government body created to protect the American people, and yet a damning new investigation has exposed widespread environmental destruction upon our planet and bodies. To the tune of 40,000 different sites across the US, an in-depth examine the Department of Defense’s own catalogs shows they\’re comfortable with destruction done and tend to be scrambling to mend it. But making matters worse, the newest investigation by ProPublica?,…


Woman Claims Common Spice Stopped Her Blood Cancer After Conventional Treatments Failed –

Apr 6, 2019

In a stunning medical “miracle” that’s left doctors in shock, a 67-year-old patient suddenly has managed to cure her blood cancer by treating it with turmeric. After numerous years of?conventional treatments—including chemotherapy—had failed for her condition,?Dieneke Ferguson looked to a great all natural treatment for her ailment. Doctors expressed that “her case is definitely the first recorded instance when a patient has recovered by utilizing the spice after stopping conventional…


News Report Pushes Medications For 3-Year-Olds With 'Mental Health Disorders' –

Jan 1, 2019

One from the country’s largest mainstream media news outlets has sunk to alarming new depths mainly because it aired an investigation informing parents for taking their kids as young as 3-years-old to check out your doctor to be diagnosed for depression.?(scroll right down to watch the report) NBC?reaches center of controversy after publishing a piece of writing titled “Generation in jeopardy: Americas youngest facing mental health crisis”?which?takes no time at…


100s of La Residents Call 911 As Massive 'UFO' Flies Throughout the Night Sky –

Dec 27, 2018

A terrifying, mesmerizing UFO was caught on camera by multiple witnesses last week because it hovered over Are generally, prompting a wave of 911 calls and bringing highway site a standstill as spectators stared in awe. The strange object began like a thin sliver of blue light, moving slowly through the night sky: WATCH: Amazing video of SpaceX launch over Los angeles — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) December 23, 2017 Gradually,…


70% of persons Can HEAR This Silent Gif & It's Driving The net Crazy –

Dec 20, 2018

There’s a viral gif available that’s driving people crazy and causing them to have auditory hallucinations—yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, roughly 70% of folks that watch this gif say they\’ll?hear seems like thudding or boinging—despite the point that gifs Tend not to CONTAIN ANY SOUNDS! Here its, precisely what do?you experience: Does anyone in visual perception know the reasons you can hear this gif? — Lisa DeBruine ??????…


Parents Outraged After Popular Children's Makeup Kit Tests Positive for Asbestos –

Dec 15, 2018

An alarming discovery has been manufactured in several children’s beauty manufactured by the corporation Claire’s—and now, countless outraged parents have realized they bought them as Gifts for the children. After a concerned parent submitted in her daughter’s makeup kit to your laboratory to get tested, it come back positive for?asbestos—a toxic substance infamous for their cancer-causing properties. “I\’d been just seeking to wrap my head around how something of that…