Intelligence Insider Gives Shocking Start Date For World War 3 After Discussions With CIA Director –

May 20, 2019

A highly-credible intelligence insider has gone public with terrifying new information: World War 3—kicked off by using a conflict with North Korea—is originating within “3 months.” Whereas an abundance of overblown claims have circulated lately, the new facts are particularly credible since, as outlined by James Rickards, he heard it from your mouth of CIA Director Mike Pompeo. James has decades of expertise using the services of US intelligence agencies,…


Horrible New "Prank" Trend Leaves Father Dead After Being Shot By Police –

May 16, 2019

Andrew Thomas Finch, 28 year-old father, was shot and killed by swat police at his Wichita home on Thursday after the video game of Call Of Duty turned deadly. “Swatting” is undoubtedly an infamous type of pranking through which someone falsely reports an artificial crime on the police (e.g, a hostage situation, murder attempts, etc.) therefore they go to the household or work address of whoever is targeted via the…


United Airlines Passenger Claims Her First-Class Seat Was Stolen By US Congresswoman –

May 15, 2019

In a sensational display of privilege and power, an american Congresswoman is it being accused of choosing a woman’s seat with a United Airlines flight—in spite of the woman having already paid and booked it weeks in advanced. “United…apparently believes that any of us must be lucky to be flying with…an airline that treats the paying public like dirt,” said Jean-Marie Simon on a heated Facebook post. According to Marie,…


NFL Issues Warning After Athletes Test Positive For Steroids After eating and enjoying Popular Meat –

May 11, 2019

The NFL is?warning?its own players that beef is really so highly-contaminated with steroids that consuming the meat could result in these to fail mandatory drug tests. Beef and various meats created countries including Mexico and China may contain a substance called “clenbuterol“—which might lead to athletes testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Clenbuterol is undoubtedly an unapproved ingredient by the FDA as well as utilization of the substance on animals that…


Veterans Affairs Caught Hiring Heath care treatment Workers With Revoked Medical Licenses –

May 9, 2019

In another shocking neglect of America’s military people today, the Department of Veterans Affairs was caught hiring medical workers with expired licenses over the past 15 years. The revelations surfaced after a search by USA Today?learned that, since 2002, the VA directed local hospitals to work with discretion in hiring clinicians—regardless if they’d had their medical licenses revoked. Worst off, that is a direct violation of an 1999 federal law…


Utah Officer PUNCHES THROUGH ICE In order to save A Boy Who has been Submerged In a very Freezing Pond –

May 6, 2019

Share Tweet Pin +1 Share A Utah officer is now being hailed to be a hero after he?PUNCHED THROUGH ICE?to rescue an 8 year-old boy at a pond. The incident occurred Monday afternoon on Xmas day since the?child was “chasing his dog while he fell through the ice”,?in line with authorities. Sgt. Aaron Thompson rushed towards scene in southern New Harmony right after the boy’s friend had required help when…


Researchers Reveal Why Iguanas Are Falling out in clumps Of Trees In Florida –

May 4, 2019

It’s raining cats and dogs….and iguanas?! No, this isn’t a little cheesy new phrase—over the past week, Florida has witnessed weather?so cold that frozen iguanas are?literally falling off trees and plummeting down onto streets, patios, and sidewalks. It’s normally called the “Sunshine State” but recent unprecedented icy temperatures taking the country by storm have given us all a good amount of uncommon wonders to marvel at—but unlike this: “Don’t think…


Authorities Release Root of Deadly Bronx Apartment Fire That Killed 12 People –

May 1, 2019

Share Tweet Pin +1 Share At least 12 consumers are dead, including 4 children, from fire erupted in a Ny city apartment building—causing the deadliest blaze the metropolis has witnessed in over Twenty five years. Authorities have confirmed the flames started after a 3-year-old boy was twiddling with a stove in one of the units. The sudden screams from her son alerted the caretaker towards the danger, at which point…


Roads Australia wide Are actually Melting As Temperatures Skyrocket –

Apr 29, 2019

Australia’s heatwave became so bad over the weekend that?the roads literally began melting, causing traffic problems as motorists navigated round the unusual mess. A whole 10km lifetime of Hume Highway in Victoria begun to liquefy—the tar turning into a sticky mush. It was another indicator of skyrocketing temperatures in Sydney and Melbourne as a total fire ban was issued on Saturday using some parts. 40C heat is anticipated to boil…


Jeff Sessions Just Declared War on Medical Marijuana While Cozying Nearly Big Pharma –

Apr 27, 2019

In a shocking about face the progress produced by the medical freedom movement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided to undo the correct of individual states to put marijuana laws and instead will be subject to the dictates of your govt. But more painful, Sessions proved both his hypocrisy and corruption when his DEA granted notorious pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics a virtual monopoly to create profits off of synthetic THC….