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Black Power wedding photo goes viral

The happy couple had no idea one of their own wedding photos would get viral. Source: Rebecca Inns Photography IT STARTED out to be a typical wedding shot; charming scenery, a stunning dress and also a crazy-in-love young couple — but Darlene and Matthew Oke couldn’t predict an amount happen next. After completing an official photoshoot of their special day in Lucy’azines Gully on New Zealand’s North Island the couple,…


Rude word scramble: Little girl solves sh*t school puzzle

A young girl’s hilarious response to a word puzzle on a key school test has been considered almost two million times. TECHNICALLY, your child was right but it likely wasn’t the response the girl teacher was looking for. The primary university girl was asked to unscramble several “sight words” (for those who don’t have got children, that means words that don’t sound the way they tend to be spelled) that…


Zika virus found in saliva and urine

Scientists say the Zika virus has been recognized in the saliva and pee of two infected clients. Paulo Gadelha, president of the Fiocruz research commence, told a news convention that scientists have found your Zika virus in saliva along with urine samples. IN a sign of mounting global concern over the Zika malware, health officials have warned expectant mothers to think twice about the mouth they kiss and termed on…


Medicare shake-up: Malcolm Turnbull reveals plan to revolutionise healthcare

The Prime Minister has revealed significant changes to the medical system, targeting chronic health conditions. The authorities says its new healthcare plan will be one of the biggest improvements to Medicare in its 30-year historical past. Malcolm Farrnews.com.au@farrm51 The Federal Government today is promising to revolutionise health care offered to the more than four trillion Australians with multiple continual diseases. It is billing the particular package as one of the biggest…


Free range eggs in Australia: New definition agreed upon by state and territory ministers

Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer says the us government is please to mention the new labelling for state of origin as well as details on egg cartons regarding free range eggs and a full overview of the consumer laws. (AAP VIDEO/Adrian Muscat) Choice want customers to boycott eggs, after an agreement seemed to be reached that will see ‘free-range’ meaning up to 10,000 hens per hectare. Picture: Supplied. THE Situation of…


Gay couple’s lives ‘destroyed’ by custody war

Manuel Valero and Gordon Lake are battling for custody of their baby. A SAME-SEX couple battling a local Spanish surrogate for custody over the infant daughter says their particular lives have been “destroyed” by the 14-month legal war that has prevented their family from returning home. Manuel Valero, from Italy, and his American husband Gordon Water, both 41, were obstructed from leaving Thailand with their child Carmen after the surrogate…


Parent teacher interviews: How to prepare and what not to say

There’s a lot to discuss in the 15 minutes you get allocated for father or mother teacher interviews. So will not stuff it up, like the mothers and fathers in these anecdotes. IF YOU’RE lucky, your child tells you a lot by what goes on at school. Although over time this may be communicated through a combination of grunts and one syllable answers. Obviously, this is not generally the most…


Customisation: handbag fashion brand Mon Purse leads ‘personalised’ charge

Customisation is the all the rage these days. Melissa Hoyernews.web.au@melissahoyer It took a session setting up a bear in a teddy course that gave fashion business owner Lana Hopkins her business ‘light bulb’ moment. “I used to be creating a bear for my nephew that includes the birth certificate and the complete deal and it just reiterated the love I have for customization,” says Lana. With that in mind —…


Sereena Scott: Cancer patient who had ‘deathbed wedding’ recovers, renews vows

Sereena Scott feared she would never be in a position to marry her fiance John when she was clinically determined to have cancer. A CANCER patient who has been so ill she ended up being allowed to marry her associate in hospital has taken aback doctors by making a dramatic restoration — and has now renewed her vows. Sereena Scott, 32, was diagnosed with ovarian cancers after developing a lump…


How to get people to like you and not be a douche

Louis from TV show ‘Suits’ is a timeless douche. Don’t be like Louis. AFTER more than Two decades working, leading and dealing with, it’s clear to me the number one thing that gets in the way of men and women being awesome is … like a douche. Do I really need to explain what “being a douche” means? We all know those people who are not cool to work with…