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How to get people to like you and not be a douche

Louis from TV show ‘Suits’ is a traditional douche. Don’t be like Louis. AFTER more than 19 years working, leading and taking care of, it’s clear to me that the number one thing that gets in the way of individuals being awesome is … being a douche. Do I really need to explain precisely what “being a douche” means? We all know those who are not cool to work with…


Energy at 50

HEALTHY HABITS HERO: Penny Tompkins, Era 50, Boulder, Colorado Boulder may be the territory of ultraathletic females, but Any amount of money Tompkins had never been one of them. Though she had always been what your woman calls “moderately active,” seeing that she neared her 50th bday, Penny was in a funk–unhappy together with her middle-aged middle and just existing in the cloud of cumulative emotional and physical fatigue that…


Energy at 75

HEALTHY HABITS HERO: Carol Olbum, Get older 75, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Carol Olbum’s earliest childhood memories include her mother’s old-world Romanian food preparation, big family dinners upon Sunday, homemade pastry, along with dance classes. She ended up being full of energy but didn’t supply much thought to fitness. By simply 30, though, she became a mother of three. She quit smoking (she’d started at 15), planted an organic yard, and set…


Rude word scramble: Little girl solves sh*t school puzzle

A young girl’s hilarious response to a word puzzle on a primary school test has been considered almost two million times. TECHNICALLY, the little one was right but it almost certainly wasn’t the response your ex teacher was looking for. The primary classes girl was asked to unscramble about three “sight words” (for those who don’t possess children, that means words of which don’t sound the way they are generally…


Cheryl Blythe lost 90kg after her doctors told her she would die at 45

Cheryl Blythe has lost more than half your ex body weight Weight drop … Cheryl stunned relatives and buddies with her massive body transformation. Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire THESE are the shocking phrases that changed a UK’s young mother’s life forever. She’s now lost 90kg in addition to her body transformation can be incredible. Cheryl Blythe’s doctor said she would be dead, or otherwise confined to a wheelchair by 45…


Quiz: What's Your Perfect Workout Partner?

1. Local weather forecasters issue a winter weather storm warning. You… a. Bunch your skis and head for the mountain. b. Call your current girlfriends to come over for the movie night. c. Check your stores of batteries and flashlights in case you lose power. d. Observe the minute-by-minute progress of the storm on your phone’s weather software. 2. When planning your next getaway, you… a. Close your eyes, rotate…


Medicare shake-up: Malcolm Turnbull reveals plan to revolutionise healthcare

The Prime Minister has revealed major changes to the medical technique, targeting chronic health conditions. The federal government says its new medical care plan will be one of the biggest improvements to Medicare in its 30-year historical past. Malcolm Farrnews.com.au@farrm51 The Federal Government today is definitely promising to revolutionise health care offered to the more than four trillion Australians with multiple continual diseases. It is billing your package as one of…


Liz Jones, cardiac arrest: ‘My heart stops working all the time’

Liz Jones, from Sydney, has had nine cardiac arrests within 18 months. Emma Reynoldsnews.com.au@emmareyn LIZ Jones seems to be perfectly normal, but she’s got a heart-stopping secret hidden in their own chest. Every couple of months, without warning, your woman goes into cardiac arrest. ‘Sudden death’ could happen while she’s running for public transport, at the pub as well as the office. The sales and marketing manager, exactly who works…


Weight loss: Mum loses half her body weight by giving up this one thing

The key to Nicola Russell’s weight loss? Giving special biscuits the flick. A BRITISH mother cut her bodyweight in half — and dropped Eighteen dress sizes — after outlawing sweet biscuits from the woman diet. Nicola Russell, a 34-year-old mother regarding two, said she the moment weighed 140 kilos as well as was a size 30, as outlined by Caters News Agency. The lady estimates she ate with regards to…