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Gay couple’s lives ‘destroyed’ by custody war

Manuel Valero and Gordon Lake are dealing with for custody of their little one. A SAME-SEX couple battling a local Japanese surrogate for custody over the infant daughter says the lives have been “destroyed” by the 14-month legitimate war that has prevented their loved ones from returning home. Manuel Valero, from Spain, and his American husband Gordon Body of water, both 41, were obstructed from leaving Thailand with their daughter…


Close the gap: indigenous Australian lifespan just 69 years for men, 73 for women on average

Australia’s 470,000 Aborigines make up about three per-cent of its 23m population and they are consistently the country’s most disadvantaged group. Picture: Marianna Massey Megan Palinnews.com.au@megan_palin THOUSANDS of Aussie children are unlikely to actually live beyond the age of 69 and many more will never grow old resulting from disadvantage. The average lifespan connected with indigenous Australians is Sixty nine for males and 73 for young girls, about 10 years…


Customisation: handbag fashion brand Mon Purse leads ‘personalised’ charge

Customisation is the all the rage these days. Melissa Hoyernews.net.au@melissahoyer It took a session creating a bear in a teddy workshop that gave fashion businessman Lana Hopkins her business ‘light bulb’ moment. “I had been creating a bear for my nephew complete with the birth certificate and the entire deal and it just reiterated the love I have for customisation,” says Lana. With that in mind — plus a love…


Sereena Scott: Cancer patient who had ‘deathbed wedding’ recovers, renews vows

Sereena Scott feared she would never be able to marry her fiance John when she was diagnosed with cancer. A CANCER patient who has been so ill she was allowed to marry her spouse in hospital has shocked doctors by making a dramatic recuperation — and has now renewed her vows. Sereena Scott, 32, was diagnosed with ovarian cancers after developing a lump the dimensions of a watermelon in her…


US Woman develops a ‘buffalo’ hump back after 40 years of drinking

This woman developed a humped back immediately after 40 years of drinking. Snapshot: BMJ Case Reports 2016 DOCTORS who dealt with a 64-year-old alcoholic were amazed to discover she had developed a so-called ‘buffalo hump’ to be with her back. The patient’s ultra-rare condition — that left her with huge growths all over her neck and arms — initially left medical experts baffled. It was only if they cross-checked her…


How to get people to like you and not be a douche

Louis from TV show ‘Suits’ is a vintage douche. Don’t be like Louis. AFTER more than 2 decades working, leading and handling, it’s clear to me which the number one thing that gets in the way of folks being awesome is … becoming a douche. Do I really need to explain what exactly “being a douche” means? We all know those people who are not cool to work with as…


Laura Saull dying from cancer after doctors refused to test her

Laura Saull was told she seemed to be ‘too young’ to have the disease but has been diagnosed six months later. A YOUNG woman whose mother passed away of cancer has been minted down with the disease even with pleading with doctors to give her tests. Laura Saull, 27, was informed she was “too young” to offer the disease when she visited see her GP immediately after noticing changes in…


Black Power wedding photo goes viral

The happy couple had no idea one of their own wedding photos would get viral. Source: Rebecca Inns Photography IT STARTED out to be a typical wedding shot; charming scenery, a stunning dress and also a crazy-in-love young couple — but Darlene and Matthew Oke couldn’t predict an amount happen next. After completing an official photoshoot of their special day in Lucy’azines Gully on New Zealand’s North Island the couple,…


Rude word scramble: Little girl solves sh*t school puzzle

A young girl’s hilarious response to a word puzzle on a key school test has been considered almost two million times. TECHNICALLY, your child was right but it likely wasn’t the response the girl teacher was looking for. The primary university girl was asked to unscramble several “sight words” (for those who don’t have got children, that means words that don’t sound the way they tend to be spelled) that…


Zika virus found in saliva and urine

Scientists say the Zika virus has been recognized in the saliva and pee of two infected clients. Paulo Gadelha, president of the Fiocruz research commence, told a news convention that scientists have found your Zika virus in saliva along with urine samples. IN a sign of mounting global concern over the Zika malware, health officials have warned expectant mothers to think twice about the mouth they kiss and termed on…