New FDA-Approved "Smart Pill" Could Spell The completed For Medical Freedom –


A world where the human soul is extinguished for the sterile, micromanaged, and chemically-induced state of “happiness”—it’s the dystopian vision laid out in Aldous Huxley’s famous novel?“A Brave New World”, yet everyday we manage to draw one step far better it.

And now, in a bold move which may spell eliminate medical freedom we all know it, the FDA just approved what’s being referred to as the “smart pill”—a medicine that?can keep track of no matter whether you ingest it and in some cases report your consistency to others on the internet.

“The so-called ‘Smart Pill’ is wise for that drug companies,” says Dr. Peter Breggin, MD in a interview?with?The Free Thought Project, “It forces people to swallow the products.”

Unethical on a great number of levels. And in the FDA:

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