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Andrew Thomas Finch, 28 year-old father, was shot and killed by swat police at his Wichita home on Thursday after the video game of Call Of Duty turned deadly.

“Swatting” is undoubtedly an infamous type of pranking through which someone falsely reports an artificial crime on the police (e.g, a hostage situation, murder attempts, etc.) therefore they go to the household or work address of whoever is targeted via the prankster.

Thursday’s incident began when two young men were playing the favored first-person-shooter game?Call of Duty.

The pair experienced an argument after losing a $1.50 wager, and because the fight quickly escalated unmanageable, on the list of players ordered a swat around the other—but mistakenly used an incorrect street address, thus prompting a police response on the home of Mr. Finch.

Correction! pic.twitter.com/MduDUoA1HK

— KEEM ?? (@KEEMSTAR) December 30, 2017

Andrew’s mother spoke to KWCH to help you explain the matter:

Two teens play COD money match online for $1

They get into an announcement & 1 teen Swats additional one.

Except he previously an inappropriate address & sent police to a random address & a 28 year old man was shot & killed by police.

This actually happened!

— KEEM ?? (@KEEMSTAR) December 29, 2017

The suspect who’s alleged to have created the swat call is named as 25 year-old Tyler Raj Barriss from Los Angeles:

This selfie of Tyler Raj Barriss, a.k.a. "Swautistic," is more preferable than the grainy photos of him that were released up to now. pic.twitter.com/0W2yYiOdOJ

— briankrebs (@briankrebs) December 30, 2017

Barriss—often known as?“SWAuTistic” and “GoredTutor36″ online—carries a prior reputation with?police as he was charged in 2015 to create fake bomb threats to ABC7:

25-year-old Tyler Barriss, who may be known online as 'SWAuTistic,' was arrested at a fugitive warrant; he was charged in 2015 with making fake bomb threats to ABC7

— BNO News (@BNONews) December 30, 2017

CNN reports:

“During the Wichita prank call, the caller said someone had an argument because of their mother; which the father was accidentally shot; and this a brother, a sister additionally, the mother were held hostage, Wichita police Deputy Chief Troy Livingston said.”

According to Police Chief Troy Livingston:

“We learned using call which the father was deceased, shot inside head. So that’s the data we\’re working off of.

“Our officers came here getting ready for a hostage situation. Several got set. A male arrived at leading door, and another your officers discharged his weapon.

“The irresponsible actions of any prankster put people’s lives at stake.

“The incident is really a nightmare for everybody involved, such as the family and our police department. As a consequence of actions of an prankster, there\’s an innocent victim. In the event the false police call has not been made, i would not need been through it.”

This would be the verified Gofundme of your 28 yr old father which had been shot & killed due to the swatting! For those who cant afford to donate please a minimum of (RT) https://t.co/0gfwW3VUa5

— KEEM ?? (@KEEMSTAR) December 30, 2017

The suspect posted several ominous Tweets to his page shortly before he was arrested:

Hypothetically speaking

Let's say I recently kill myself Today when it comes to this during your guys heads.

Will justice happen to be served? Will the family unit stop mourning? Or will you then just start to hate the cop for killing him, which happens to be what some Fb users r doing

— i (@GoredTutor36) December 29, 2017

Literally put it in plain text plus its still groing through peoples heads.

Wow, some of you will be so fucking stupid and uncomplicated minded.

— i (@GoredTutor36) December 29, 2017

So then how about I really get the death sentence???????

For not killing someone.

Honestly take into consideration how stupid a number of you are

Will me serving Every time justify someone dying? k. Thank u.
I didnt do shit when that you think I did so next, i shall just get death sentence IMO

— i (@GoredTutor36) December 29, 2017

In the GoFundMe page for Andrew, his cousin, Jessica Marie Okeefe said:

?“…Andrew Finch was murdered by WPD. We have been requesting assist of our community to supply him a suitable burial. Any donation should help. We appreciate most of the love and support we now have received.”

Barriss wanted to a discussion which includes a popular YouTuber yesterday to present his side of your story, additionally, the passive way he speaks about the whole situation is definitely unsettling:


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