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In a sensational display of privilege and power, an american Congresswoman is it being accused of choosing a woman’s seat with a United Airlines flight—in spite of the woman having already paid and booked it weeks in advanced.

“United…apparently believes that any of us must be lucky to be flying with…an airline that treats the paying public like dirt,” said Jean-Marie Simon on a heated Facebook post.

According to Marie, her seat was taken by US Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) that was permitted to board the plane before everyone else—“including prior to pre-boarding of uniformed military, toddlers, people who have disabilities and Global Services passengers.”

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) in seat 1A the person I covered for dearly, and the one United gave to her without my consent or knowledge! Fellow congressman on same flight said she should it repeatedly. @united pic.twitter.com/Q2c6u6B0Yp

— Jean-Marie Simon (@JeanMarieSimon1) December 23, 2017

But once it heats up came Marie’s time for you to board, she was informed by the gate attendant that her ticket was not with their system.

“An extra United agent confirmed which i did not have seat,” wrote Marie, “not just for the very first class seat I\’d purchased, but no seat, period. I didn’t even have a reservation.”

Not to belabor this, but here's my story with my TSA/Global Entry/Gold Elite boarding pass status and "X's" name in the…

Posted by Jean-Marie Simon on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

After a lengthy forwards and backwards that happened, one attendant shared with her that her reservation ended up revoked an hour or so prior to when the flight removed and therefore, in her place,?another passenger?was upgraded and given her seat.

Despite her protests, United insisted clearly there was nothing they may do today to reclaim her seat, writing:

“He stated that couldnt happen given that they couldnt ‘disrupt’ main points already done. He offered me a $300 voucher. I said Needed $500 plus a free meal. He was quoted saying, ‘And I require a Mercedes Benz, but thats not possible.’ Establishing invited me to try and do a United paid survey should the flight was over.”

While Marie had her suspicions about who took her seat, she didn’t receive full confirmation until, by luck, she was presented with a seat on that same flight, and were sitting right near to another Texas congressman who informed her rrt had been, in fact, Jackson Lee who took her seat.

“I showed [the congressman] my boarding pass with my seat, 1A, printed in it,” wrote Marie, “He explained, ‘What happens happened, right? Do you realize whos in your own seat?’ I said no. He smiled and told me it was subsequently Jackson Lee, a fellow U.S. congresswoman who regularly accomplishes this, that the was the next time he personally had watched her bump a passenger.”

Lee eventually released an assertion within the controversy, vehemently denying the allegations:

Since this was not any fault of mine, how a individual continued to take action appeared to be, upon reflection, since i was an Dark-colored woman, seemingly an effortless target with the Dark colored flight attendant who was very, comfortable.

This saddens me. Especially presently of year given all of the things we will need to work on to help those. In the spirit for this season and out from the sincerity of me, when it\’s perceived that we had almost anything to make use of this, We are kind enough only to say sorry.”

Despite Lee’s accusations of racism, Marie denies them nonetheless believes the congresswoman took her seat.

“It’s just impossible to suspend disbelief and swallow that story we cancelled my flight,” said Marie.

Sources:?NY Post

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