Skinny Salsa: A Delicious Recipe That Goes Well With Everything

This Skinny Salsa is delicious in addition to anything which is the best food for losing fat, owing to all of the fiber-rich vegetables. You can use it on tacos, salads, or any situation that is able to use some fresh flavor.

When considering efficient weight reduction, its not in regards to the amount of calories that you choose to consume, but rather the standard. Eating vegetables and fruits rich in water and fiber will help you rind the pounds simply because can fill you up without filling get you started.

Check out several of the benefits:

Radishes are an excellent source of water content, causing them to filling; they may be only about 1 calorie each and contain flavonoids, plant chemicals thought to be lead to weight-loss as well as a nutritious weight, as outlined by a Harvard study published in BMJ.

Cucumber boasts a selection of antioxidants and minerals, so it helps reduce inflammation. It also contains fisetin, an antioxidant that may improve memory and protect cognitive abilities from age-related decline.

Tomatoes have range of antioxidants and lower the potential risk of developing blood pressure and overall, support cardiovascular health.


Strawberry Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Prep 5 mins

Total 5 mins

Yield 1 serving



1 cup baby spinach or butter lettuce

3 Tbsp. hemp seeds

? cup coconut water or water

1 frozen banana

? avocado

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

juice of just one lime

2 ice cubes

1 tsp. Matcha Powder

1/8 tsp. vanilla


Sliced strawberries

Blueberries (fresh or frozen)


Diced mango

Sliced banana

Dried coconut flakes

Dried Goji Berries

Cacao Nibs




Place all superfood smoothie bowl ingredients in a very Nutribullet blender, and blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl. Top using your favorite toppings.


Author: Maria Marlowe is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who may have helped thousands of people improve their health by optimizing their diet plan. She gets created diets and programs to help you lose weight, clear up acne, and spend less time in the kitchen area but still eat healthy. ?

She has long been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, NBC, Well + Good, and many more. Her first book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, will teach you the best way to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Download her free 3-Day Real Food Challenge Meal Plan, consider her site,, or follow her on ?Instagram @MariaMarlowe and Facebook for further cake recipes.

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