Veterans Affairs Caught Hiring Heath care treatment Workers With Revoked Medical Licenses –

In another shocking neglect of America’s military people today, the Department of Veterans Affairs was caught hiring medical workers with expired licenses over the past 15 years.

The revelations surfaced after a search by USA Today?learned that, since 2002, the VA directed local hospitals to work with discretion in hiring clinicians—regardless if they’d had their medical licenses revoked.

Worst off, that is a direct violation of an 1999 federal law defining it as illegal for any VA to get workers whose licenses had been revoked—whether or not only by 1 state.

Veterans Affairs policy allowed workers with revoked medical licenses to generally be hired at veterans' hospitals: report

— The Hill (@thehill) December 21, 2017

Instead of pursuing the law, they chose to give the hiring of ineligible clinicians assuming that there were “prior consideration of all relevant facts surrounding” the revocation of their medical licenses make sure they still a permit to be effective in 1 state.

The shocking discoveries show the tragic depths that the VA was able to sink at the worth of veterans’ health.

As reported by?USA Today:

“Hospital officials in the VA in Iowa City relied on the illegal guidance captured to hire neurosurgeon John Henry Schneider, who had revealed in her application that he had numerous malpractice claims and settlements and Wyoming had revoked his license right after a patient death. He still enjoyed a license in Montana.


“America TODAY investigation published recently found that besides hiring Schneider, VA hospitals have knowingly hired other health care providers with past license discipline. In most cases, they have got gone on to harm veterans.


“USA TODAY reported the fact that malpractice claims against Schneider included cases alleging he earned surgical mistakes that left patients maimed, paralyzed or dead, and therefore his veteran patients in Iowa have already got suffered complications. A kind of patients, 65-year-old Richard Joseph Hopkins, died from an infection in August after four brain surgeries by Schneider from a length of 4 weeks. ?


“Schneider denied within the interview that they had provided substandard care and blamed poor patient outcomes on other providers or unfortunate complications that could exist in neurosurgery.

“Hopkins daughter Amy McIntire told USA TODAY now that they is furious Schneider was hired to begin with and floored because of the national policy that allowed it.

’Im appalled by the ineptitude on the VA,’ said McIntire, a licensed nurse who noted that agency so large has several staff to create policies and make sure they comply with federal law. ’Because of it merely to be ignored, its crazy.’”

“Nearly 50 people Congress have called over the VA for answers since USA TODAYs story ran.”

This is far in the first offense because of the incompetency with the VA.

Back in 2015, a bombshell report established that large numbers of veterans during the VA’s backlog were no longer living.

Indeed, the Inspector General stated that 307,000 veterans might have died waiting to be cared for.

Sources: Town Hall [1,2]?USA Today

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