RIP: Actor Jerry Van Dyke Dead at 86 –

Famed actor and comedian Jerry Van Dyke died on Friday at his Arkansas ranch for the age 86.

According to his wife, Shirley Ann Jones, he died from heart failure that followed an approximate 2-and-a-half many years of debilitating health after a severe vehicle accident in 2015.

Jerry was more youthful brother of comedian Dick Van Dyke and is also most beloved for his role as “Luther Van Dam” to the late 80’s/early 90’s show?Coach.

RIP Jerry Van Dyke. Everyone loved Luther!

— Austin Kellerman (@AustinKellerman) January 6, 2018

The on-stage persona was only matched by his real-life charisma that they often shown on numerous late night shows, where he became a frequent guest.

According to?AV Club:

“Van Dyke is already an excellent touring stand-up and military veteran as he made his first appearances on the national stage, bringing his comic stylingsand banjo-playing prowessto shows much like the anthology series?G.E. True?additionally, the John Wayne film?McClintock!

“He got his big break, though, whilst was cast on?The Dick Van Dyke Show, appearing as Stacey Petrie, the sleepwalking-afflicted brother of his real-life siblings exasperated Rob. Van Dyke made the most of the gimmicky premise, investing Staceys somnambulistic party guy persona through an irresistible energy, while simultaneously benefiting from his waking lifes endearing, stuttering shyness.”

RIP #JerryVanDyke (below, right) younger brother of Dick who just past away at the age of 86

— Nicholas Lex Patrick (@NickPatrickNYC) January 6, 2018

Finally, in 1989, he landed the function on?Coach that is going to occupy his career for eight a number of eventually win him 4 Emmy Nominations.

Celebrities and colleagues have reacted towards the tragic news:

We just discovered Jerry Van Dyke's passing. Our hearts go out to his family, and quite a few especially @iammrvandy who was simply so close together with his brother. Rose Marie dealt with Jerry a few times including summer stock, The Love Boat, and @dickvandykeshow

— Rose Marie-Official (@RoseMarie4Real) January 6, 2018

Much desire to my wonderful TV dad #jerryvandyke and condolences to my TV dad-in-law #dickvandyke. Jerry, you\’re hilarious and terrifically talented – how much an honor as a way to watch up close when you as well as your brother you could make your special magic. Rest In Peace Jerry…

— Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) January 6, 2018

In one interview on David Letterman’s night time show, Jerry displayed his brash, charismatic energy that won the hearts of viewers country wide:

Jerry is survived by his wife and a couple children.

Sources:?AV Club?TMZ

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