Laguna Beach, California

Artists began coming to this section of Orange County at the turn of the 20th century to paint the surroundings en plein air.

Just as Offers has long lured artists and musicians, Laguna Beach, arguably the most charming of The southern part of California’s many shorefront towns, offers a exclusive blend of culture and mother nature. Artists began coming to that part of Orange County, roughly midway between Los Angeles and Hillcrest, at the turn of the Last century to paint the landscape durante plein air, a French manifestation for painting outdoors inside natural light. Today the city is important 100 galleries, theaters , and various art festivals. None from it would be here if it wasn’t for the 20 coves along with beaches that edge 7 miles of shoreline, uplifting beachcombers, sea kayakers, tide pool people, and, of course, painters.

Eat Clever: California’s agricultural bounty and artisanal foods star on the plate with worth-the-splurge Studio housed in a Craftsman-style cottage at cliff’s advantage on the grounds of Montage Laguna Beach hotel. Chef James Boyce’s ever-changing menus shows a special affection for make . On the other end of the budget variety, stop by The Stand All-natural Foods for vegan fast food like rice and bean tacos as well as organic smoothies to gas an afternoon at the beach.

Be Fit: Paddle with La Vida Laguna on guided, two-hour ocean kayak tours that get you close up to California sea elephants basking on the rocky headlands. Or discover those rock shores through the terrestrial side at Crystal Cove State Park, where you can poke around tide regularly in search of sea stars as well as urchins.

Live Well: Aim to make the awesome tour of Laguna’s many free adult galleries on the first Thursday of the month when galleries keep open late; a passenger bus links participating dealers . When you miss Thursday’s tour, take a crash course in California artDfrom the original durante plein air artists to modern day contemporary mastersDat the Laguna Art Museum .

Where to Stay: You can’t get any closer to the beach than at Surf along with Sand Resort set on 500 foot of wave-lapped shore. Balconied beach-front guestrooms evoke a new breezy beach house with shuttered picture windows and awning-striped home furniture. The resort’s restaurant Splashes overlooks the mesmerizing wave break via 25 feet above, and the expansive spa features a garden for relaxation, a yoga exercises studio, and soothing rubs with heated sea back. Alternatively, you can save money and still live the coastal life style at one of two cozy Laguna Magical Cottages with wood fireplaces and oceanview outside patio’s.

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