Common Prescription medicine Now Related to More American Deaths Annually Than Cancer of the breast –

Aug 8, 2019

Opioids are actually more lethal than breast cancers, in accordance with a sobering new report on the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch within the CDC. Over 63,000 people lost their lives due to drug overdoses throughout the year 2016—breaking previous records and sounding the alarms of public health to a fever pitch. According to?CNN: “Almost all of those deaths involved opioids, a family of painkillers including illicit heroin…


Man Makes Shocking Discovery Hidden Inside AirBNB Home That\’s got Most people Worried –

Jul 25, 2019

It’s your favorite luxury vacation: hawaiian isle foreign country, going with someone close, and staying in a beautiful home rented through AirBNB—what may possibly fail? Well, first man, he learned his lesson the difficult way: despite placing his rely upon the homeowner, he was left shocked after obtaining a tiny, hidden camera?inside of the room…spying on him! It’s the kind of discovery that could ruin your complete vacation, and then…


FBI Warns: Your Child's New Gifts May just be Spying With them –

Jul 18, 2019

Although your year need to be brimming with joy and hopefulness, the FBI has issued a dire warning: your children’s privacy and safety may just be in danger, plus the culprit may very well be sitting right of their bedroom.?(scroll down for video) It’s the growth of the latest, highly-advanced, wireless toys that is spying you you, giving an indoor hunt for perverts or single handed access to private information…


Facebook Admits To Deleting User Is the reason Controversial Political Reasons –

Jul 16, 2019

Facebook: it’s the greatest social network platform on-line, offering its over 2 billion users the chance to get connected to people around the planet. But what will happen should the liberating power of technology begins clashing with all the special interests of corporations and countries? In a damning new report by?The Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald explains Facebook’s shocking censorship spree within the direction on the Israeli government—systematically shutting down countless…


Former Child Sex Slave Speaks Out With the Elite Who Bought Her –

Jul 14, 2019

Child trafficking is still a little something in the country. Here is the horrifying reality being exposed with a former child sex slave who—after managing to escape—is revealing the gritty specifics of this dark, underground world. Though, the allegation shouldn’t be too surprising after all this: over and over throughout history, it is said that high-level politicians, in addition to many private sector elites, are partakers in such a crooked…


New FDA-Approved "Smart Pill" Could Spell The completed For Medical Freedom –

Jul 13, 2019

Share Tweet Pin +1 Share A world where the human soul is extinguished for the sterile, micromanaged, and chemically-induced state of “happiness”—it’s the dystopian vision laid out in Aldous Huxley’s famous novel?“A Brave New World”, yet everyday we manage to draw one step far better it. And now, in a bold move which may spell eliminate medical freedom we all know it, the FDA just approved what’s being referred to…


Antidepressants Overshadowed By Controversial Substance

Jul 11, 2019

According to the bombshell new on-line massage therapy schools the journal Neuropharmacology, psilocybin C a combination in psychedelic mushrooms C may be superior to treat depression than conventional big pharma-produced antidepressants. “Psilocybin-assisted therapy might mitigate depression by increasing emotional connection,” study author Leor Roseman explained in a very PsyPost interview. “This really is unlike SSRI antidepressants, which might be criticized for creating in many people a general emotional blunting,” he…


Teacher Dragged Away In Handcuffs For Questioning Controversial School Board Decision At Meeting –

Jul 9, 2019

Shocking new footage has surfaced showing a Louisiana middle school teacher being roughed up and arrested after simply standing up and voicing her opinion at a school board meeting. “What is happening!?!” They were the shrill cries of Deyshia Hargrave as handcuffs were snapped onto her wrists, “You recently PUSHED ME TO THE FLOOR!” The disturbing viral video, that is certainly now sparking unanimous outrage, was filmed throughout a meeting…


Intelligence Insider Gives Shocking Start Date For World War 3 After Discussions With CIA Director –

May 20, 2019

A highly-credible intelligence insider has gone public with terrifying new information: World War 3—kicked off by using a conflict with North Korea—is originating within “3 months.” Whereas an abundance of overblown claims have circulated lately, the new facts are particularly credible since, as outlined by James Rickards, he heard it from your mouth of CIA Director Mike Pompeo. James has decades of expertise using the services of US intelligence agencies,…